Today is the International day of Women!  A day dedicated to women and the importance of their sex.  Inspired by this day, I write my slice about WOMEN.

Women are beautiful inside and out….

Women are patient and caring…..

Women work harder than all……

Women suffer so much pain……

Women bear children……

Women put up with others…….

Women make amazing mothers……

Women get hurt often…..

Women cry……

Women pray…..

Women are intelligent…….

Women are great lovers…….

Women are definitely so important to all!



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6 responses to “Women!

  1. What a wonderful tribute to all women.

  2. Lovely! We are so much and so much more, aren’t we?

  3. I think we will have to go out to eat tonight to celebrate International Day of Women….or maybe have the left over quiche that I fixed yesterday. Thanks for a post of recognition to us!

  4. Nice tribute to women, Amelia! So many truths here.

  5. Go Women! We are important!

  6. Jen Cherry

    AMEN! Nice job 🙂

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