I’m Lovin it – The Selfie Queen


“I’m Lovin It”  is the new slogan for McDonalds.  I guess what is supposed to happen is that when you visit McDonalds you may be asked to “pay with love.”  You could say something nice, give hug, or maybe even take a selfie.  Sounds pretty cool, especially for me the selfie queen.

The selfie queen, really?  Yes, that would be me.  I love taking pictures, but only the ones I take myself.  I like certain angles and don’t really enjoy other people picking what part of the photo I would like to highlight.  Anyone who knows me probably already knows I am the queen of selfies!

The selfie queen loves what I see….

The selfie queen doesn’t do it for attention…

The selfie queen thinks it’s fun….

The selfie queen has many…..

So, maybe one day when I visit McDonald’s I will be asked to “pay with love.”  That’s exactly what I will do!  The selfie queen will come to life and snap a photo.  Who knows maybe you’ll see Ronald McDonald in the background.   But, for right now I can saw “I’m Lovin It!”



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3 responses to “I’m Lovin it – The Selfie Queen

  1. Lovin’ it indeed! Awww, Amelia, this is the best example of healthy self-esteem and confidence dotted in every line. I wouldn’t have seen it with so many slices this year if I didn’t spot your signature selfie. Great slice!

  2. It is really nice to take a picture of yourself… the control freak in me appreciates it for sure!

  3. You are the selfie queen! Great piece on what it means to you!

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