Seconds pass,

minutes pass,

hours pass,

days pass,

weeks pass,

months pass,

years pass and I still miss you like crazy.

Everyday I think of the beautiful memories you have left behind.

I remember all the times we spent together.

I remember the way you held my hand.

I remember the way you talked to me.

I remember your smile.

I remember what you taught me.

I remember seeing you in pain.

I remember the love we shared.

I remember how you motivated me.

I remember how much you cared for me.

I remember our little secrets.

I remember that I will always be your baby.

No day begins and No day ends without me thinking of you DADDY!




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6 responses to “Daddy!

  1. This is an amazing, heart-felt tribute. I am sure your Daddy is smiling and proud of you.

  2. Kim

    I dread the day when I write a poem like this. This is so special. I can’t imagine not having my daddy around.

  3. This is all too familiar to me. He looking down on you!!

  4. The good things we remember have to outweigh the pain, but some days it’s so hard to manage that. Thinking of you.

  5. Beautiful and sad all at once…makes me miss MY dad.

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