So today I was trying hard to actually write a SLICE.  Well, I think I accomplished this slice about fruit!  As I was making dinner, I began slicing some beautiful red sweet strawberries.  I could smell them as I cut them up into tiny pieces for our salad.  I was reminded about the time I was 11 and we went to Michigan and picked our own strawberries.  Running through the fields I remember the red juice on my fingers.  Yummy!  Couldn’t wait to go home and wash those babies up.  Then, I began slicing a ripened cantaloupe that was sitting on my countertop for a few days.  I just love the sweet taste of orange cantaloupe.  As I sliced away, I decided to put some in a container for lunch tomorrow.   Lastly, I began thinking about what I will have for breakfast tomorrow.  Guess what came to my mind.  Yes, a yellow banana.  Bananas are my favorite at breakfast time ever since I was little.  I will never forget my mom cutting up the bananas and putting them in my bowl of frosted flake cereal.   What great memories this slice has brought out!



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3 responses to “Fruit!

  1. Your description of the strawberries, “beautiful red sweet…” Started to make my mouth water. I felt as if I could taste them. Then the cantaloupe…dang it I want a bowl of fruit now! 🙂 Fun to connect an everyday task of cutting fruit to old memories. 🙂

  2. Slicing in your mind while slicing your fruit. I get that! Cool to think about childhood memories of picking strawberries and mom putting fruit in your cereal as a child. I believe food has a strong connection to our lives in so many ways and your slice really showed that!

  3. I love the slices of fruit and slice of life connection! I wish I had strawberries in my lunch now. So many memories connected to fruits and smells. My grandmother was an avid banana eater and I hated them until last year. I like to toast her every time I eat one now. Great slice!

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