Dining Out and the Check!

Yesterday’s post by Kelly Andruch inspired me to write about dining out.  I love dining out and I am not real particular on where we go.  I just love the idea that I don’t have to clean up my kitchen.  I love to cook, so that really isn’t the problem.  I just sometimes need a break.  Well, this week on Spring Break I also took a break on cooking.  We went out for some meal almost everyday.  The kids just love it too!  I am trying not to get too spoiled, but really hoping this week doesn’t end.  I think my hubby is getting tried of paying!

I really miss going out for dinner with my dad.  My dad was always the man who paid the check.  He loved buying us dinner and never let us pay.  I miss his laugh, his touch, his voice, and his wallet too.  So funny!  He was great man and loved dining out!  Yes, my mom comes out with us, but I feel guilty letting her pay.  I just love her company.

So, as I am sitting here writing this post I’m really thinking where I want to go to lunch tomorrow.  Hmm, where will it be and with who?


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2 responses to “Dining Out and the Check!

  1. I loved going out to breakfast with my dad. Something I miss to this day. Going out to eat is perfection for me because it means no stressing over dinner. The hardest decision is where to go. 🙂

  2. An unexpected reason to remember your dad. This must happen dozens of times a day. He sounds like he was quite the guy. 🙂

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