Spring? What is it?

The meaning of Spring:

  • warm weather
  • flip flops
  • light clothes
  • sunshine
  • good moods
  • flowers begin to boom
  • time to come out of the funk
  • Easter time
  • outside sports
  • begin to cook outside
  • smell of fresh air
  • rain
  • thunderstorms
  • planting and seeding
  • green grass appears

This is what Spring means to me.  Boy have I missed you!



March 27, 2014 · 2:30 am

6 responses to “Spring? What is it?

  1. time to come out of the funk- I hear ya on that one!
    Maybe spring will come soon. Or maybe we will break the record for snow…. sigh

  2. Spring is Florida:) I am experiencing all that I hope Spring up North will offer! I will try and bring it back with me…..love the smell of flowers blooming, the breeze on my face!

  3. We are ready for it here! Still wonder where it is…but I still have faith…I have seen a little crocus poking up through the dirt. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  4. I miss HER, too. Do you think she will come?

  5. I think in just a matter of days everything in your poem will be here! I was in the car with my mom the other day and she noticed the trees were “fanning out.” Something I’ve NEVER noticed before! They are ready to pop – really!!

  6. So agree with you! We are finally getting above freezing weather this weekend, but got some snow today.

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