Yesterday, in one of the classes I was working in, they were reading the book called Wonder by Ed Palacio.  The kids seemed very eager to hear their teacher read.  They told me it was about a boy who could not smile.  He was born with many defects.  When they told me he couldn’t smile I began to think.  What would life be like if I couldn’t smile?  My smile says a lot about me.  My smile is who I am.  My smile is beautiful and a way I communicate with others.  It made me so sad that someone could be born without the ability to smile.  A smile can tell so many things about someone.  How would life be different without those smiles?  I couldn’t even imagine.  But what I do know is that I’m going to smile whenever it is possible.  As I look around this room of kids today, I am grateful to the Lord that he has given us all the ability to SMILE!



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5 responses to “Smile

  1. A smile from someone means so much. I thought it was clever how you weaved in your thoughts about smiling with the book. I am reminded that one way we can remind ourselves to be grateful for what we have is to think about life without it. Thanks for that.

  2. Nice slice. You do have a great smile, Amelia. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow!

  3. Smiles get me through the day sometimes. This is a great slice Amelia!

  4. Just a simple smile goes a long way! I like how Wonder had you reflecting about what a smile means.

  5. You know my beliefs about smiling. Smile often and at everybody. Smile to make your day brighter. Smile because it puts a smile on someone’s else face. Smile! I am watching.

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