The Challenge!

     So much fun!   This is my second year doing this “Slice of Life” Challenge.  I am really enjoying this time to show my writing to the world.  I may not be the best writer, but to me “I am a Writer.”  Writing everyday is very relaxing and I don’t look at this challenge as a competition.  Rather I see it as an amazing opportunity to prove to the world, as well as myself that I am a writer.  Writing allows me to express myself and my feelings. 

     This year something else is happening to me as well.  I am enjoying reading other people’s posts even more.  I honestly get so excited to read and comment.  It has become a addiction.  I am so happy I took on this challenge!




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13 responses to “The Challenge!

  1. It is excited to read other blogs. But what I enjoy the most is reading the comments left on my blog.

  2. We ARE writers. We are teachers who write. Yay for us!!! Yay for our students!!!

  3. A lovely, upbeat post to read at the end of our first week of the challenge! We are writers! Yes!

  4. Dar

    And such a beautiful addiction it is…….I share it with you!!

  5. commenting is an addiction for sure—here I go…

  6. I agree. I don’t facebook or any of those things, but writing and commenting keeps me going. This month is flying! What will I do in April?

  7. I’m so happy that you are doing this too!! Doesn’t it feel good to write??!! It’s been so long since I’ve taken the time to write and reflect like this!

  8. This SOL challenge has been such a wonderful experience! I look forward to reading all the slices I can!

  9. You express what many what many of us are thinking about this opportunity to write and share writing.

  10. I am a first timer and I miss those days when I can’t read as many slices. Good luck with the remaining days!

  11. bbutler627

    Agreed! The challenge is to just write and I love that. The reading is the best part, especially the comments!

  12. Yep, the reading is better than the writing! It’s so fun!

  13. I am definitely addicted to reading, and quickly becoming addicted to writing. Thanks for sharing.

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