The Flood

     As I drove through the streets of Midlothian, I noticed something very different this morning.  It was pretty evident that Tuesday meant garbage day in this village.  I noticed more garbage trucks traveling through the streets and working very hard.  At the end of their driveways, sat an abundance of ruined precious belongings.  I began to think about this past week.  I imagined how all these people felt throwing away their precious belongings that were devastated by Mother Nature.  It disgusts me to think that everything a person has worked for could be gone in minutes.  How might these people be feeling?  Sad, I am guessing!  I was praying hard for brighter days for all those who have experienced Loss!



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6 responses to “The Flood

  1. Lynn

    My thoughts have been in the same place for over a week now…how right you are… in a flash everything can be gone…

  2. Thought provoking slice, those people must be devastated.

  3. Amelia – oh my gosh – so important to stop and see what is around us. I feel like I’ve missed that by being gone. Reading your slice brought me back to the community I love so much. thank you.

  4. It’s hard to think that this can happen to people who work so hard for what they have and it can all be gone so quickly.

  5. You have created a strong image in a short entry – great way to summarize a devastating experience.

  6. I will like this was yesterday!

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