My new Pizzelle Maker

     A “pizzelle” is a flat-shaped rounded Italian cookie that comes in many flavors.  I have always wanted the press that makes these cookies.  It was not real expensive, but was probably not high on my priority list.  Well, today my husband decided he would buy it for me.  I was so excited!  I was extremely excited to take it home and try it out!

     So guess what I did this afternoon?  Yes, I made my first batch of vanilla pizzelles.  They were delicious and it wasn’t really alot of work either.  I guess I am now an official pizzelle chef.

     A special thanks to my awesome husband for making me happy and adding another amazing tool to my kitchen!



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11 responses to “My new Pizzelle Maker

  1. I love the fact that he knew and did it for you. Hooray for him!

  2. Wish you could share samples. Yum!

  3. We love pizzelles here – how fun it will be for you to try lots of different flavors! Enjoy the new tool!

  4. Jackie Haworth Hoy

    How fun!! I never thought about making them…so now you have me hungry for them…and curious about making them. I might just have to give my husband a hint. How nice that your husband knew how much you would enjoy the pizzelles maker! Jackie

  5. I know nothing of these cookies. Obviously I must get a sample. 😉 What a thoughtful thing to do for you and what a great way to spend your day. I have many a memory of watching my mom, grandma, and great grandma creating yumminess.

  6. Kathy had to call her mom to find out the name of the outdoor fest that Grandma Cacciurri making her famous pitzelles for the San Rocco festival (that’s the name)! Good memories – shared by you two paisanos 🙂 PS – Monica will be blogging about this in about 15 years!

  7. They are so pretty too. What a thoughtful gift. You must have dropped some hints.

  8. Those cookies are delicious. I like the anise flavored ones. Not sure if I’ve ever had Italian style…looking up where to buy them right now 🙂

  9. mag

    Hey are fun to make. Like pancakes and kids, the temperature has to be just right or they are too under or overdone. They, like kids, need pretty constant supervision since they can be toast in just a few seconds. But once you have the timing down, they are simply yummy. Have fun!

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