Memories of my Horseshoe Driveway

     Yesterday, as we visited my mom’s house I started to think about when I was just a little girl.  That was really the only house I ever knew until I got married.  It was the place where I created so many memories.  There are memories in everyroom from inside to outside.

     So as I drove up with my two kids in the car yesterday I began to giggle.  Of course, they asked “Why are you giggling mom?”  I responded,  “The horseshoe driveway reminds me of so many things.” ” I can see Papa’s meat truck parked on the top part and I can remember the million times I almost fell in the ditch as I flew down on my big wheel.  I remember the trees and flowers Papa and Nonna planted all around it.  Gosh, I could go on forever.”

     The point is that I never thought I could write about a horseshoe driveway and really make it interesting.  Boy, I am growing as a writer indeed!



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4 responses to “Memories of my Horseshoe Driveway

  1. luckygurl

    Yes, places can hold so many “small moments” can’t they? Your description of your big wheel flying into the ditch reminds me of a small moment of my own I’d like to try writing about! I want to hear more…

  2. Isn’t it amazing how the sight of something…even a horseshoe driveway…will bring so many memories! You had me right with you…almost falling in the ditch. Jackie

  3. Such sweet memories of Papa and Nonna planting trees and flowers around the ditch so little Amelia wouldn’t fall in with her Big Wheel! And your dad’s meat truck. Bittersweet!

  4. Amelia, short and sweet and so touching!!! It reminded me of Cynthia Rylant’s book Let’s Go Home! Love it 🙂

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