The Mall

Today my kids and I took a trip to the mall.  I am not crazy about the mall for a couple of reasons.  First, it is always crowded and for some reason I spend too much money.  The one thing I do like is the people watching.  It always cracks me up.  So, I sat on the bottom level of the mall waiting for my kids to finish up eating their Aunt Annie’s pretzels.  Then, I began looking all around.  Here is my list:

  • a mother feeding her baby boy and actually talking to him like he was even listening
  • a elder lady with a birds nest hairdo coming out of the elevator
  • the line of people waiting to get into the cheesecake factory
  • the older man and his wife eating pretzels together
  • the little toddler crying because he wanted something his mother didn’t want to buy him
  • the young man and lady holding hands
  • the grandma pushing a stroller with no one in it
  • the family of four actually eating in the cheesecake factory
  • the Hispanic men making pretzels in Aunt Annie’s

Gosh, I could go on forever!



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6 responses to “The Mall

  1. Malls are busy places…

  2. nf

    Oooo I love people watching!! Look at all of the amazing stories that could come out of that simple exercise – wow, I am amazed by the characters that you could build simply by watching – what a wonderful exercise this would be for our students!!! Hmm… now you’ve got me thinking!

  3. Sounds like a poem in the making!

  4. I always say I wish I took a pad of paper and could just sit for an hour at the mall! You could have some creative stories in the end 🙂 hopefully you bought something for your self!!

  5. Paul

    This is a great writing exercise for students — go sit in the food court at the mall and write about the people and things you see. So many potential stories here…

  6. There are so many stories to be told when watching people in their everyday lives…thanks for sharing

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