Healthy Lifestyles

     So the other day I was thinking about how much I enjoy food.  Is that a problem?  Food is a necessity, but eating the right food and the right amount is especially important.  So what is the right food?  Well, it’s definitely not Big Mac’s and french fries.   Even though Ienjoy this kind of food I realize we shouldn’t be eating it very often.  The right plate would consist of a portioned size of lean meat or fish, vegetable and a small amount of starchy food.  Eating the right food can also be fun to cook if you take healthy eating seriously.  So why not do it?  Many of our lifestyles have grown to move too quickly.  Don’t let these lifestyles decide what you will be eating.  Take the time to slow down and make good choices.  Making good choices now will in turn pay off later.  So if you are not eating healthy, STOP and give it a try!


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  1. I gave up Diet Coke at the beginning of Lent. What a huge change for me! Now I need to add another positive change.

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