Time is so important.  Time is so precious.  Time is so fast.  Where does time go?  I don’t always know!  I know time is important because the clocks never go backwards.  It is essential you use every minute wisely.  Time is so precioius because everything we do turns into a memory.  As time passes, we grow older.  As we grow older, we realize that good use of every minute is very important.  Time goes fast!  The clocks never stop, so enjoy every minute to its fullest!



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3 responses to “Time

  1. So true, Amelia. I feel like I’m always saying this, but then I don’t live my life like I really believe it! I especially liked the line “everything we do turns in to a memory” – really beautiful and thought-provoking. Great slice!

  2. One of the rare items we can never buy but love to spend. Great slice and so well said.

  3. So true…and how do we live each day knowing how precious time is? So many times we forget…get caught up in the moment…and then realized how precious that moment is. Thanks for your post. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

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