My Wedding Day!

     My wedding day, April 7, was the most beautiful day of my life.  It felt so amazing to come together with my best friend/lover from this day forward.  I would no longer be alone.   The sadness of leaving home was not so sad because it was also the beginning of my life with my life long partner.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I was the “star” for the entire day.  To those of you who really know me, I didn’t have a hard time with this at all.  I LOVED the attention!  I had it all!  Flowers, food, family, music, love was all around me!



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5 responses to “My Wedding Day!

  1. I love that you admit that you loved being the star! lol! I’m not surprised one bit. 🙂

  2. Everyone needs to be a star for a day…or even more. A wedding is a time for this to happen, having those who love you be their for your special day. Jackie

  3. Everyone needs to be the star at times… I LOVE that you connected your wedding to stardomw!

  4. I can feel your happiness from that day from your writing. Fun!

  5. You took me back to mine. Oh to be so happy again. I appreciate your slice very much. Thank you.

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