My husband

     I thought about a man today.  Not just any man, but a man who is special to me and lies deep inside my heart.  Gosh, this man is my best friend and probably is the only one who always listens to me whenever I need an ear.  He has loved me in good times, as well as bad.  In his eyes I am always his shining star.  I glisten in his moonlight!  He picks me up when I am about to fall and never allows me to hit the ground.  This man I am thinking about has given me happiness, fathered my children, and has showed me  much needed love.   He is a great husband, friend, father, lover, and a geniune caring person.  Can you guess who he is?  Of course you can, my HUSBAND!



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8 responses to “My husband

  1. Isn’t is wonderful to have such a person in your life! I hope he will read this post, but I am sure he knows how your feel. Jackie

  2. Hope you shared this with him!

  3. Amelia, I love that you knew we would be able to guess who you were writing about. Cute. I’m happy that you have him .

  4. I’m so glad that he has you in his life too…faithful and true. xo

  5. Beautifully stated… are a lucky lady:-) XOXO

  6. Glad you have one and hey, so do I. I’d say we are both lucky and I’m going to share your post with him 🙂

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