My son!

My son!

Where do I begin….. If he was my first child I would ‘ve had no more! He has made my life so interesting. I love the challenge he has given me. He is so smart… full of energy…….loving……..and so very sentimental. My handsome boy is almost 8 and growing so quickly. He is special to me because we have a mother/son bond that will never disappear. I love the way he is always looking for me and making me feel “wanted/needed” in his life. He is my gift from GOD!



March 14, 2013 · 2:45 pm

4 responses to “My son!

  1. Plus he’s adorable! I love that you describe him as “sentimental” which isn’t a word I would have expected. Makes me curious.
    He is a gift – you’re definitely blessed!

  2. Oh he is handsome…what a smile. I am glad you have such a gift…and you have such a bond with your son. Jackie

  3. tezzie828

    He’s a cutie! I love how you highlight all of his best qualities- “full of energy” a true boy!

  4. I love how you opened this. It put me in a frame of mind and then how he’s always looking for you, combined with the twinkle in his eye that can be seen in that photo, I just know he’s special. 🙂

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