Spring Break

     Spring Break does not mean hot and sunny beaches, but it does mean relaxation and enjoying quality time with my kids.  I can see it now! Waking up late, not rushing to get everything done, shopping and spending money, eating out, walking in parks and visiting the zoo, seeing a movie or two, and just sitting around enjoying the time that can never be replaced.  As a working mother, you tend to forget what it means to just RELAX!



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5 responses to “Spring Break

  1. Happy Spring Break! I’m enjoying NOT having the usual morning rush, staying in pjs until noon, and hanging out with the kids. Whooohooo!

  2. Lynn

    Oh how right your are! In town out of town really doesn’t matter…it’s who you are with and the the thing I love best…NO SCHEDULE!

  3. Glad to see you have your break all planned out! Enjoy! We usually have to come back to work to rest up though!

  4. My favorite part is not rushing to get everything done- that will be so nice!

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