Teachers (My persuasive letter)

* This is a letter I found in my writer’s notebook that I wrote for fun to persuade!  Enjoy!


     Educators are one of the hardest working groups of Professionals!  Teachers work with children on a daily basis and impact the lives of many of them.  But are they paid enough for all they do?  They are a group of Professionals who have many demands, but are not recognized for all they do!

                Teachers are educators who have gone through many years of schooling to become titled “Professionals.”  They knew going into their profession that they would have to spend many countless hours preparing and analyzing what they do on a daily basis.  It is very difficult to educate the youngsters of today because of many outside factors.  But, why are teachers not paid enough for all they do?  Is it that people don’t really know how hard and stressful a day is in a teacher’s life?

                Teachers create leaders on a daily basis.  Many of the youngsters look up to teachers as role models.  They take teacher advice seriously!  It can sometimes be that advice that guides the youngster down the right path.

                There are many people who think that teachers have the life.  Little do they know!  These people think teachers work few hours and not many days in a year.  Again, little do they know!

                Hopefully, you were able to see teachers are underpaid for all they do.  Influencing, teaching, and guiding children is huge.  Next time you see a teacher, please think about all the hard work that individual does for very little pay.


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