I love the color Purple.  It makes me feel relaxed and peaceful.  I feel the tranquility of this color.  I love the smell of lavendar.  When I want to reduce my hunger and stress I walk right into my purple painted bedroom.  Purple reminds me of Lent.  I think about those around me!  I must say purple is my color and represents who I am!



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5 responses to “Purple

  1. I love your passion for purple – and your reasons! My daughter loves purple and always has…my niece loves violet so much she named her child Violet….and my cousin loves purple even more as a color that “grows up with you” and cheers the complexion as you reach the middle years….sigh…but me….while I do not HATE it, I take my purple in grapes and enjoy the promise of pink and green that Lent holds!

  2. I also love the smell of lavender. Ever go to a lavender field? It’s a feast for all of the senses!

  3. i love purple too, and you have me curious about why it reminds you of lent? hmmm.

  4. At our church during Lent the priest wears purple during lent.

  5. Judy C.

    My daughter loves purple and her twin granddaughters have the same feeling. Before they were born, I crocheted two blankets – one purple, one green. The girls found them last summer and M (who’s blanket was green) said, “Grandma can you make me a purple one too”. What’s a grandma to do except making another purple one.

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