ALS and My Dad

     Schema for the piece:  My dad passed away from ALS last August.  He suffered about 3 years from this horrific disease.  He was 71 when he passed away.  He lived a great healthy life prior to being diagnoised with ALS.  We miss him dearly!


     I sat impatiently, staring at the telephone waiting for it to R-ing!  I felt like I was wrapped so tight in fear.  I wanted to hear some beautiful words, but knew inside that probably wasn’t going to happen.  Sitting alone, I began thinking of the worst scenerio possible.  I felt as sad as a melting ice cream cone.  So many questions were whirling around my head. “Please don’t tell me he has ALS,” I said. No, please No!

     Feeling so scared….  I knew my dad was on his way to Northwestern Hospital looking for answers to his symptoms.   I had been dreading this day, but we needed answers.  I didn’t really want to know what was happening, or did I?  Of course I did, but I was super scared of the possible outcome.   He was not getting better, but progressively worse.  How scary!

     The phone call came.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  Or should I say I didn’t want to believe what I was hearing.  It was scary and I was really scared.  I began thinking about this ugly disease, but didn’t realize it had become a reality.  My dad was diagnoised with ALS.

     With sadness that only kept growing, I realized how hard it would be to see someone you love fall apart day by day.  I now realize how hard it was to have lost the man that inspired me to succeed my entire life.  There are many days that pass when I feel like a baby cub without his mother!

Miss you Dad!




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4 responses to “ALS and My Dad

  1. Amelia.. You’re Dad sounds like an amazing man. He obviously continues to inspire you and the love you both share still shines. I feel it through your words.

  2. How sweet Amelia, I’m sure that he’s still cheering you on!

  3. I hope he still is my biggest fan!

  4. I just read this post……Your dad is most definitely your biggest fan….you will always be his baby girl, and that’s a bond that can never be broken!!!

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