Our Dad

     Our dad was so special to us in so many ways.  He was the pillar of our family.  He held us all together.  He created us and made us all feel so special.  We always tried to meet his expectations of what he wanted us to become.  All he wanted was for all of us to succeed!  Our dad was our ALL!  He was a hardworker and gave us all we ever wanted.  I think we all feel that nothing was ever absent from our lives.  To our dad, we were always placed above others.  He believed in who we were.  He was so proud of our accomplishments!  It hurts so much to have lost him.  We can’t even describe the pain we have gone through these past six months.  We are hoping that the Lord has now taken away his pain and suffering.  As I visited the cemetery this week, I realized how lucky I was to have had this Great Man as my “Dad”!


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8 responses to “Our Dad

  1. Yes, you are very lucky to have such an amazing dad! What a sweet and touching tribute you wrote about him. He sounds like he left quite the impact on your lives. I’m so sorry about your loss.

  2. Oh Amelia. I feel your pain in this piece. I know your dad HAD to be a special person because he was your dad, and you are a such a special person. Hold on to those memories with all you have.

  3. Reading your slice makes me sad, but also uplifts me – because of the way you wrote it – gives hope, especially at the end. xoxo

  4. I especially like the line “He believed in who we were.” In these simple words, I hear acceptance, support, and conviction by him about his children. That is an incredible gift for children of any age. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing.

  5. You were lucky to have had a father you can still hold on to through loving memories…you are blessed.

  6. Sounds like an amazing person! We are so lucky to have had people in our lives who are the source of such great inspiration. I am so sorry for your loss.

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