Snow Days

Silently I dream of not going to work today

Nothing could be more exciting than spending extra time with my kids

Outdoors looking kind of pretty, but dangerous

Wind blowing snow in all directions


Dancing in the snow like little angels

Adventures in the outdoors will begin soon

Yes, Yes!  The words that will never be forgotten

Sadly this day will have to end!



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7 responses to “Snow Days

  1. Enjoy your snow day. While I hate to drive in it, I love the image of that dangerous, blowing snow out there and the idea that you have to stay cuddled inside with your loved ones. We dread it and love it all in one.

  2. Enjoy every moment- time does fly!

  3. Amelia, this is beatiful. Life make you happy and your writing makes me happy. You manage to pack such an amount of imagery and feeling into your slices.

  4. Yes enjoying extra time with your kids is the best! I was disappointed because I wanted to go to work today so we could get out in May but then realized I get to spend the day with my son!

  5. I was hoping we would make it through the school year without a snow day…..but must admit, I kind of enjoyed it. Especially since my daughter was off today…..Guess we will be going to school in June…..

  6. We did not get any snow days this year. I don’t know what I missed most – a surprise day off or just the beauty of snow. I think the latter.

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