The Sounds of my Life!

     Wine colored front with matching brick is where I live my life.  I lie awake hearing Chug a Choo Choo sounds from the train across the street.  The wind that travels through the vents of my house sound like howling coyotes.   I hear crackling squeaks of my bed as I lay awake thinking what tomorrow will bring.  I hear jumbled voices from the tv I refuse to shut off at night.     In the rooms around me I hear not a pin drop as my babies are fast asleep.  These are the sounds I hear in my wine colored front with matching brick house!



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9 responses to “The Sounds of my Life!

  1. What a great idea!! Love it!!

  2. Your brick home came to life with the sounds you described. Delightful.

  3. I love the rhythm of “my wine colored front with matching brick house.” I think you might use that again. You wrap up the sounds inside the lovely visual package.

  4. I really loved how you described your “wine colored” house–I’m imagining it now. The sounds of your life sound so peaceful. Great slice!

  5. I like this catalog of sounds … and like the inspiration of doing the same with my own little home!

  6. Love the descriptive language. Could use this piece to show word choice too!

  7. I love “The Sounds of My Life” – I loved all the onomatopoeia – lovely view of your life through sounds!

  8. Very nice. Beautiful and descriptive. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Your piece reminds me of the importance of slowing down and taking it all in. Great images.

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