My Classroom

   This is the classroom where the sun shines through the windows.   Students are learning and teachers are teaching.  Smiles and tears are shared with one another and everyone is welcome in our world. The excitement of learning is always present, as well as the enjoyment of SUCCESS! This is the classroom I admire!



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5 responses to “My Classroom

  1. Everyone is welcome. Words that are so often spoken but not always realized. So important to keep at the forefront. Thank you!

  2. I love that we share a name. This SOL community is a classroom I admire.

  3. Oh Amelia, I want to be a part of your classroom:-)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful place to be! Welcome to SOL’s exciting month of writing! BTW: When you link to Slice of Life, click on your title for the day’s post, so you get to that post only. Then copy and paste the unique url to just the post for the day. This one should be linked like this:

  5. Jaana

    Welcome to slicing! Hope to read more about your wonderful sunny classroom!

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